Suzhou Jinhong Gas Co., Limited

Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Tel: :+86 512 6576 7715

Suzhou Jinhong Gas Co., Limited

Established in 1999, JINHONG GAS is a famous professional gas company providing a comprehensive range of gas products. We now have 20 branch companies in China.

The gas products provided by JINHONG GAS include industrial gases, electronic gases, and clean energy gases. We provide professional one-stop gas solutions for our customers in China.

JINHONG GAS also has a number of advanced electronic gas factories that manufacture electronic grade ammonia (99.99999%), N2O(joint production), chlorine, helium, and ultra-pure gases.

We aim for “Safety, Reliability , High purity, Celerity and Diversity”.

Pure golden quality creates pure golden value for our customers.