MOCON Europe A/S

Ringsted, DK-4100 , DENMARK

Tel: +45 57 66 00 88

MOCON Europe A/S

MOCON Europe A/S (Dansensor) is a Danish manufacturer of quality control and quality assurance equipment for the food industry and other industries using protective gas atmospheres.

The range of products is sold under the Dansensor® brand.

Our high-tech products provide food manufacturers with everything they need to produce high-quality MAP packaged food products. Some products are designed for use in the internal laboratories of food manufacturing companies, where they are used for testing randomly selected samples. Others are for on-line or off-line testing in the production area itself. MOCON Europe A/S (Dansensor) provides quick and efficient service and support via distributors around the world.

Business Details
  • Rønnedevej 18
  • Ringsted, DK-4100